Cistus Ladaniferus essential Oil

97.56 zł ( z VAT )

Cistus Ladanifer essential Oil is marked with very intensive anti-wrinkle, regenerating, firming and stretching effect. It is indicated in caring of acne-skin. The combination of cream and oil works anti-ageing , minimizes  skin pores and makes it more supple. Polyphenols included in the oil improve condition of the skin by reducing the activity of collagenase – the enzyme responsible for resolving of natural collagen.

Cistus Ladanifer essential Oil is the fundamental cosmetic supporting the treatment of acne.

In a treatment of acne we should avoid using drying substances ( based on alcohol) because they increase the secretion of sebum. That is why moisturizing cosmetics are required for everyday use.

Thanks to phenolic compounds the oil is known that it exerts anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Use: few drops of oil join with a cream you use every day and put on your face, neck and neckline, avoid the eyes area. You can apply undiluted oil on purulent sores e.g. with a stick, avoid application on the healthy areas of skin.

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