The CISFARM cosmetics brand


was created for people who search only for natural remedies and methods of treatment support. The company’s goal is to create a line of exclusively natural products and cosmetics. Based on our experience and knowledge in the fields of medicine, pharmacy and cosmetology, we rediscover the healing properties of plants known for centuries and used in natural medicine. In our offer you will find the plant extracts with documented, multi-century effectiveness, confirmed in clinical trials. Our products have all the necessary certificates and safety tests allowing them to trade within the EU. As the first in Europe, we registered natural soap with oil from the Cistus Ladanifer plant.




How is our soap produced



For the production of all our soaps we use perfect soap flakes, which guarantee the highest quality parameters of our soaps. The basic raw material from which our soaps are made is food grade palm oil of the highest quality. The soap production consists in heating the fat in a boiler to a temperature close to the boiling point together with sodium hydroxide. Hydroxide reacts with the fat and causes its saponification. In this way, soap is formed in a liquid form. In the final stage of the brewing process, a small amount of salt is added to precipitate an excess of water from the soap. The method of cooking soap causes that almost all natural glycerin, which is formed as a result of the cooking process, stays in the soap and is also an excellent, natural moisturizing agent. The soap cooked with this method is left for 24 hours to complete the reaction process of fat with sodium hydroxide. Then we convert the soap mass into traditional soap flakes, which are the basic raw material for the production of soap bars. The production of soap is based on mixing soap flakes with other ingredients depending on the type of  the soap (eg soap with Dead Sea mud is a mix of soap flakes with the Dead Sea mud and high-class fragrance compositions, etc.). Our soaps contain only natural essential oils. Foiling of our products prevents the bars from drying out. The fact that deserves a special attention is that  at every stage of our production we do not use preservatives , artificial dyes, improvers, fillers as well as we do not add parabens, sLEs and animal fats to the soap. Our product is 100% natural.

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